Film project based “Twelfth Night” by Shakespeare

Concept and realisation: Radvilė Kisieliūtė

Photos and film edited by: Radvilė Kisieliūtė

Performer: Gabriela Lotaif

Photography: Agnes Treplin

Project leadership: Agnes Treplin for UAL:LCF

My chosen context for the Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare is Mardi Gras carnival in Lithuania, one of its characters – witch – relation with the fool and three womanhood stages led by moon phases. The characters in my film travels through chaotic, upside down world of revelry which is necessary to experience in order to get back to ordinary life and ensure good luck for rest of the year. Carnival world is set up in 1920’s visual language of George Grosz and Otto Dix artworks. The chaotic streets, cities, cafes and expressive faces in the paintings became the visual language of my world.

My characters wear exaggerated feature masks characteristic to the ones worn in Carnival as only this way they can connect with their ancestors, vouch fertility and luck for the rest of the year. The specific characteristic of the masks came from carnival but have been visually inspired by Otto Dix paintings. This made my film characters look as ordinary people with exaggerated faces and a hint of carnival characters features to represent ‘’nothing is so that is so’’.

The costumes were designed same way by mixing the costume features of carnival costumes, garments appearing in Otto Dix paintings and a hint of 16th century fashion just to make it more chaotic and blended between each other. My aim is to logically connect each play character qualities with carnival characters and to reflect that on masks and costumes.

My chosen character for the film – Feste – is inspired by witch and effigy of winter in carnival and by following my research outcomes presented as a woman going through three womanhood stages to symbolise the natural life cycle. Feste stands in my world as someone for who ‘’celebration must have end. For privileged few in Illyria the dream is left unbroken but others must face the ‘’cold light of day’’.

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Costume designs and reserach images:
Malvolio, Maria, Olivia, Orsino, Viola, Cesario, Sebastian, Sir Andrew, Sir Toby.

Costume Design for chosen character: Feste

Developed character Feste. Still images from Filming - Costume Transformation Order