Assisted Donatella Barbieri and Gulia Pecorari for Prague Quadrennial 2019 workshops preparation – making performative objects and working as material interation's research assistant.

The Anthropocene Body - Plumial Space

Produced and constructed fashion artefact prototypes for project held by N. Pestana and D. Tchoudjinoff as part of their residency at Fashion Space Gallery, exhibited at Arcade East. ‘The Anthropocene Body – Plumial Space’ is part of Arcade East’s summer programme, which focuses on Sustainability and Innovation. The show was part of the London Design Festival 2018.

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Creative Enterprise

Collaboration between Fashion Design and Architecture students. I created the design of eco-friendly hat made out of integrated solar panels and hemp and folded works as telephone charger.



Live Performance piece is inspired by the character from the Novel 'Sunset Oasis' by Bahaa Taher. Set in the early 19th century in Siwa, Egypt, a place with a mix of Amazigh and Egyptian culture.

Maleeka, creative and spirited girl in a conservative superstitious society, facing being subjected to a practice of solitary confinement for widows, which was a customary practice for the time and place of the story.

This practice origins from the belief that widow or so-called "ghoul -woman" is accompanied by death and therefore a curse to everyone.

Maleeka's free spirit cannot endure this confinement and commits suicide. Her struggle stands for all the girls and women that suffer when they fight to maintain their individual choices against the constraints of a conservative society.

Project concept, costume, and making: Nashwa Maatouk

Performed by: Julienne Schembri

Choreography by: Jennifer Irons

Course leader and the show producer: Agnes Treplin

The 'bridemaids': Gabriela Lotaif, Aloma Barnes, Radvilė Kisieliūtė, Lina Aly

Photography: Emmi Hyyppä

Lighting Design: Antony Hateley

Sound Composition: Wilfred Petherbridge

Make up and Hair: Goshka Topolska


Mother of Water is a performance costume inspired by three Brazilian Folkloric female water entities. The aim of this piece is to establish water as a symbol of fertility through its embodiment in the figure of the water woman.

The ritual of the incorporation of the entities through the use of water makes mothers translate life through a perfectly circular cycle. This rotation is represented within the Folkloric figures of Yemanjá, Oxum and Nanã.

They are daughter, mother and grandmother of water. From the mud they are born, cleansed, become liquid life, give life through water and back into mud they transform. Costume designed as the final masters project for the MA Costume Design for Performance course at London College of Fashion - UAL. Concept, Costume design and realisation by: Gabriela Lotaif

Performer: Maria

Supporting performance by: Radvilė Kisieliūtė, Nashwa Maatouk, Gabriela Lotaif

Choreography by: Jennifer Irons

Photography by: Emmi Hyyppä

Course leadership and Show production by: Agnes Treplin

Lighting Design by: Anthony Hateley

Sound Composition by: Wilfred Petherbridge

Hair and Make up Design by: Goshka Topolska

Costume realisation Supervision by: Claire Christie

Special Thanks to: Marion Yarwood, Pablo Souto Alvarez, Dean Kincaid and Dimitrios Coumandos.


Crafts and Workshops

A. Martinaitis Art School Graduate Work


Inspired by an old lamp shade found in my grandparents loft. I tried to copy lamp's shape and did some layouts, then thought about the theme of my collection, materials, fabrics and decorations. Every hat tells a story and connects themes of money, casino, card games and gambling into whole work. Collection radiates charm, magic and darkest secrets.