Look Back in Anger

Look Back in Anger by John Osborne performed at White Bear Theatre 25th February - 14th March 2020.

Director: Sebastian Palka (Big Boots Theatre Company)

Set designers: Marta Anna Licwnko and Tina Torbey

Costume designer: Radvile Kisieliute

Lighting designer: Jordan Thys Moffatt

Stage Manager: Scott Willans

Production Assistant: Matthew Chamberlain

Photographer: Nicolas Chinardet

Trumpetist: Lucy Ellis

Casting Director: Kris Webb

Head of Operations: Aga Zaborowicz

James D. Fawcett - Jimmy Porter
Rowan Douglas - Alison Porter
Aaron Bennett - Cliff Lewis
Holly Hinton - Helena Charles
Dickon Farmar - Colonel Redfern (Voice)

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