Concept, designs and garments made by: Radvile Kisieliute

Project Leadership by: Janet Emmanuel and Maria Ostropolski for University of Bedfordshire.

Inspired by weather vanes in my home country Lithuania, seaside town called Nida.

The weather vane symbols works as visual profile from which you could tell everything about the owner and his family, they used them to distinguish themselves from others and help others to understand who they are and where they came from.

I juxtaposed and compared these symbols with our appearance and clothes which are carrying different symbols and meanings. These symbols in our appearance works as an profile and helps to identify our origin, attitude, standpoints and send visual messages to others. The importance of knowing these symbols could let us to manipulate, attract or give opinion about us. By exploring ethnographic and historical material, I related the human body parts with weather vane parts so each part of the body gained different symbols which added meaning to each side of the body. My further research in other tribes as Pagan and Vikings helped me to find similar meaning symbols to each part of the weather vane in these tribes and to assign these symbols to body sides as well. I deeply explored symbols through fashion perspective. The exploration of the symbols and ascription of them to the body parts was interpreted and developed into garments through garment construction, form, shape and colour.

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