Fashion & Politics - Diffusion Line

Concept, designs and garments made by: Radvile Kisieliute

Project Leadership by: Janet Emmanuel and Maria Ostropolski for University of Bedfordshire

The political and fashion project developed in context of human rights during Second World War analysed people freedom to their own identity. After my deep research based on Barbie Zelizer book ‘Visual Culture and the Holocaust’ and seen interview with Henryk Mandelbaum inspired me to research in the significant visual material collected in Imperial War Museum. I was mainly focusing on badges, symbols and tattoos made on Jewish bodies to identify each of them. My aim of the research was to reveal how visual tools were used to both equate and separate people by isolating them from other social groups. I also looked at commercial fashion brands such as Zara and Urban Outfitters to reveal how historical symbols such as star badge are interpreted and could be misunderstood in nowadays fashion. During my second year I gain a lot of experience in methodologies and ways how fashion underpins political, historical and social problems and how these methods applies in nowadays fashion.

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Fashion & Politics Project. Human Rights