Concep and designs made by: Radvile Kisieliute.

Project Leadership by: Janet Emmanuel and Maria Ostropolski for University of Bedfordshire.

This project was given for us as journey through which we had to find our signature style and handwriting. We had to look at Fashion East Designers and think about our own self-promotion strategy. We also had to develop 10 designs which would represent our signature style.

My aim was to use the visual images from Grandparents house and mix it with drawings from my childhood by creating collages and prints. I wanted to express my memories and feelings through both medias (visual images + childhood drawings) and to highlight the importance of childhood where we can find the real ourselves as life through child eyes is without any outside influences, it’s a row expression of what surrounds us…To find yourself you need to come back to that time. I believe this will be the journey through my childhood by looking into it with creative mind and ideas which will help me to find my own way, style and after that the way to promote it.

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