The performance is based on a Lithuanian folk tale about a girl who follows a serpent to underwater where discovers him as human being. Their marriage is blessed by three sons named Oak, Birch, Ash and a daughter Aspen who Eglė takes on the land to meet relatives. Relatives antagonism, torture of children and daughter’s betrayal kills her father. Feel of guilt and pain induce Eglė to transform her children and herself into trees. The piece explores parallelism of conscious and unconscious worlds, brakes from dreaming innocence so to reach self-actualization through the fall led by guilt, temptation and anxiety. Elements shows transition, continuity, consistent existence between human and nature. Eglė’s body multiplication represents union with animalistic, underground world while breaking out from the water signifies rebirth, spirit growth, restored mind and cosmic order.

Concept, Costume Design and Realisation by: Radvile Kisieliute

Performed by: Eleanor Hardy

Choreography by: Peta Lily

Photography by: Emmi Hyyppä

Project Leadership and Show production by: Agnes Treplin for UAL: London College of Fashion - Official

Lighting Design by: Anthony Hateley

Sound Composition by: Wilfred Petherbridge

Hair and Make Up by: Goshka Topolska

Special Thanks to: Marion Yarwood, Claire Christie, Donatella Barbieri, folkloric music band Spanxti for letting me use their song 'Leliumoj' during performance and also my incredible assistants during rehearsals Gabriela Lotaif and Lina Aly.

Performance was at Sadler's Wells on 6th December, 2018.

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