Concept and designs by: Radvile Kisieliute.

Project Leadership by: Janet Emmanuel and Maria Ostropolski for University of Bedfordshire.

While working on this project we had to think about our Final Major Project and use the concept and reserach for it to develop 6 designs which would come from same concept but would have different design pathway and different style.

My inspiration - weather vanes in town called Nida - were used to investigate symbols used in weather vanes. I looked at Kurshes tribe engraved symbols in weather vanes, their meaning and symbolic value. I also looked two other tribes -Pagan and Vikings - who used same meaning symbols in their clothing and runes. I divided all the symbols into the groups by same meaning and assigned each group to different body sides - front, back and top. I used shape and form of the symbols which were developed into garment construction and transformed each symbol into the designs. This project was as a starting point for Final Major Project which also let us to create a designs inspired by same concept but use all the ideas we developed during reserach process.

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