My concepts of my work are usually inspired by odd, unusual things and personal experiences which affect both, my work and pathway in design journey. My biggest interest is in things which are unpopular or where people usually do not pay attention. I believe they have potential which is untouched by anyone and don’t have any extrinsic influence. I want my work to touch someone, give power to my work by design development, having the clothes not just to fit the body but carry a story, message, and the concept which adds the whole meaning for appearance by itself. I like to create art works/clothes/drawings which have a meaning to the society, people problems. I truly believe that visual work is more powerful than written work. For me art is a toll to express my emotions, the chance to express myself and show the people the meaning of my work. Usually I am inspired by simple things and all ideas which are coming to my mind are very unexcitable. I think that your real creativity shows than it is inspired by environment, simple things and personal experience. My themes in my works usually depends on my mood and memory or emotion moments in my life After graduating Art School where I spent seven years, I was completely sure that my pathway of career will be in Arts. I always had interest in all kinds of Art but Fashion always attracted me the most. University of Bedfordshire was my first and very important step into fashion industry. I came here to learn, get experience and skills needed to grow as a designer and turn my interest in fashion and textiles into career. Feedback from tutors motivated me to push myself even further to achieve the most that is possible. With the help of University, I received a great opportunity to attend an internship for Mary Katrantzou, which has taught me a lot of invaluable skills and also shown me what the real world of Fashion industry looks like. For my final major project I got inspired by weather vanes which I have seen back home at the tiny seaside town Nida. By exploring ethnographic and historical material, I related the human body parts with weather vane’s so each part of the body gain different symbols which add meaning to each side of the body. My further research in other tribes as Pagan and Vikings helped me to find similar meaning symbols to each part of the weather vane in these tribes and assigned these symbols to body sides as well. I hope to achieve a deep and explored development of symbols through fashion perspective. By investigating symbols meaning, value and significant impact for our clothes as part of non-verbal communication I hope to make people consider their appearance as the language through which they represent themselves in a context of both personal and social life.